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Ordering your custom printed t-shirts from The Print Guy could not be easier. Simply tell us the following info and we will be able to quote or assist you with your order:

  • What type of garment is it that you need to have printed?
  • How many of the particular item do you need
  • What colour should they be?
  • Where on the garment is the printing going to be, such as the front, back, sleeves or tell us about your unique position?
  • What is your deadline to have the items?
  • Email us your artwork or your ideas to
  • Anything else about your printed t-shirt order will be confirmed by one of our representatives who will make sure your order comes out right and on time.

Do you NEED your order ASAP?

Our normal turn around times are between 5 and 15 working days. We know from experience that you might need your order sooner than that, but because we work on a first-come-first-served basis it can become tricky, therefor we have created an express printing department so that you can receive your order within hours! (This excludes delivery time, all our deliveries are done using The Courier Guy’s overnight service)

Do you need help with your designs? We can do that too!

Our design department will be happy to help you with your designs and ideas and bringing them to life.
Design Charged at R350.00 per hour.


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Dear Print Guy,

I want [Quantityrequired]x [Whattypeofgarmentdoyouwant] made within [Delivery] and the Garments are [GarmentColour] in colour and [Buyertype] please.

These items are for [gender] and we need printing in the following positions: [PositionofPrint]

NOTES: [your-message]

I can be reached on [your-email] or [tel-3]

Kind regards

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