We have 3 catalogues for cap & branding purposes for you to choose from, to best assist you please provide the Catalogue number, Cap Code, Cap†Colour and Page number.

Send us your logo or idea & let our design team combine their creativity with your ideas to custom design any cap to suit your requirements. With our new facilities, we will deliver your cap & branding complete with any printing, embroidery or embellishment you desire*

#1. Premium Cap Catalogue

The Premium range of caps are ideal for restaurants, service industries or corporate events such as team building or golf days. The caps & branding have a stable finish and is durable for any condition. These caps can be customised with your own branding or company logo.

#2. Promo Cap Catalogue

The Promo Range of caps & branding are suited for one day events such as sports days or promotional hand outs.†The caps have a good finish and is durable for most condition. The promo caps can be customised with your own branding or company logo.

#3. Fashion Cap Catalogue (Premium)

The Fashion range of caps & branding are best suited for brand owners that wish to have their logo or artwork embedded on a fashionable head accessory. The fashion caps are of superior quality and can be branded with your creative ideas. We also manufacture world-class custom caps ideally suited for the retail market.

We strive to supply top quality head accessories and therefor require between 14 and 21 days to follow our procedures for branding†caps.

For custom made caps we require a minimum order quantity of 288 caps and this process may take from 21 days to 6 weeks depending on the design and/or complexity of the custom cap & branding design.