About Printing

Price Factors

What factors will affect the price of my order?
  • The type of garment and the quantity of your order.
  • The amount of colours in your design and the size of the print.
  • The amount of locations printed on your garment, i.e. Front, Back, etc.
  • Your deadline may also have an impact on the price if you need it sooner than our standard turn-around time of 5-10 Working days.
  • Garments that are larger than XXL will have additional charges.
  • The price of a white garment &†printing onto a white garments will also reduce your cost†for orders of 100 units and more.



Since we have a wide variety of garments and the price of each varies and depends on the quantity purchased as well as the printing technique used it is not possible to offer a set guide of prices. We suggest getting a quote from us based on your specific requirements.


Types of printing or branding

  • Direct-to-Garment for full colour high quality prints.
  • Screen Printing for 10 and more garments using 1,2,3 or 4 Spot Colours or Full Colour CMYK Screen Printing.
  • PolyFlex Printing for single orders, express orders, individual player names &†numbers requiring single colour prints.
  • Digital†Printing for option that can be printed in any amount of colours as well as photo quality printing.
  • Embroidery for golf shirts, jackets, lounge shirts, etc. (Not Suitable for t-shirts).


Artwork Requirements

If you are supplying your own artwork we require the following:

Only Jpeg, Eps, PNG, PDF, CDR, AI, FH or PSD files are accepted.
All other file formats will be billed to convert to a usable format.
PDF’s made via word or powerpoint will also be billed as this format is not of great quality.

Images must be set to 300dpi CMYK and to the correct size.
If you supply an image that is saved at 100x100mm but want it printed 300x300mm you will loose quality and the image will become pixelated.

All fonts must be included as a font file or be converted to curves/paths. Fonts supplied in a flat format will be billed for converting where necessary.


Max Print Size

We can print in all†the standard locations for garments such as the front, back, left or right chest, pocket area, sleeves, neckline and anywhere around a cap. Although the print sizes listed below are for a max print area some garments may not allow for the full coverage area. This is due to the size of the garment or other obstructions related to the design and style.

  • Direct-to-Garment†up to 300 x 400 mm
  • Screen Printing†up to 300 x 400 mm standard, or any other size for custom requirements.
  • PolyFlex Printing†370 x 370 mm
  • Heat Transfer Printing†300 x 400 mm
  • Embroidery†subject to item being branded.


Custom Labels

You can supply your own labels or order our labels on rolls. These are done in†batches of 500 or 1000 labels depending on the label size, type or†printing method used. Additional charges will apply for the removing and adding of labels.

We use NetLabels in Randburg for the manufacturing of labels.



We use the excellent services of The Courier Guy for all standard orders.
Standard delivery to†the major cities in South Africa is R80.00!
An additional fee will be charged for deliveries to other countries and non-major cities.


Returns and Exchanges

Our policy is quite simple and straight forward:

If the fault originated on our side after a proof was signed we will gladly reprint the item.
If there is a quality issue such as missing stitches, stains or an incorrectly labeled size we will also take responsibility.
If you require a specific colour it will be your responsibility to ensure we are aware of this. PANTONE or CMYK Codes of the colour must be supplied prior to signing a proof.


Washing Instructions

Follow the general washing instruction of the garments.
For longer lasting prints turn your garments inside-out.
Wash it cold.
Do not iron on the print.